Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I love being a Mom

Lately I've been in a good funk, I like my daily life as a mom. It helps that my kids are really easy to take care of... as of right now. In 6 months I may be cursing this post, but for now my little angels are just that.

This is a dress I wore as a baby, can you believe it? Thanks for sending it, Mom.

Believe it or not, the kids sat in the wagon like this for a good half an hour talking to each other while I was in the kitchen doing my secretive thing... I know you really want to know, but I'm not going to tell you.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Small Meltdown

So this morning I went on a girls brunch expedition to downtown LA. We went to a restaurant/pastry market called Bottega Louis. SO FUN! I love my girlfriends here. It's going to be super hard to leave them. I try not to think about it. This fun restaurant had so many pastries and desserts I had never dreamed of trying before, a feast for the eye. I almost didn't go because, well, we have no money to spend out, but my friend offered to share whatever she got so I agreed to come. There was no way that I could buy anything, I mean we're living off of $10 this next week, and as my friends started gawking over what they might get I started feeling left out. My anxiety built up and my eyes started to water, I quickly excused myself to the bathroom.
I know, I know, I'm ridiculous. I mean, my friend was going to treat me to a hot chocolate and there's no doubt I would get my belly's full worth of bites of everyone else's food. But I just needed a moment to feel bad. It's like months and months of financial frustration had built up and needed a little release. I had spent all this time being strong, clipping coupons, never buying clothing, cutting the family's hair, paying a full tithe, and not eating out. Don't get me wrong, we've been ever so blessed with fun stuff; our Disney passes, free movie tickets, free meals when family is in town. I just want every once in a while to treat myself, with my own money, and not feel a tinge of guilt because I'm having fun on someone else's dime.
I then realize I need to stop whining. My life is great and I'm out with a wonderful group of women and should be having fun. I swallowed the large lump in my throat and wiped my smudged mascara, waited for my eyes to return to normal color and then returned to the table. I had a great time! My heart and belly was full. :)

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Random Tidbits

Since I don't have a Facebook account anymore, I've been missing posting little tidbits. So here they are...

First of all congrats DENI HILL for winning the at-home prize on the Biggest Loser! $100,000. If you didn't already know, Sarah Nitta was my college roommate and Deni is her mom. So cool. They both look amazing!

Second, I made the best pizza the other day. Alton Brown's dough recipe, alfredo sauce, spinach, caramelized red onions, portobello and button mushrooms, red bell peppers, and fresh sliced mozzarella. In the words of a fellow diner "DIVINE".

I also made homemade peanut butter cups. I was given some cute little silicone molds a while back and they were perfect for this super easy recipe. Four ingredients, super smooth and delicious. I'll definitely be making these on a monthly basis from now on.


I love my basil plant. I'm always thinking "Can I put basil on this?" Fresh ribboned basil is wonderful on scrambled eggs. I can't wait for the opportunity to have a garden... hopefully we'll have a yard at our next place.

The kids took a 3 hour nap today... AMAZING! I rolled over thinking "I feel like I've been sleeping for a long time... yup!" Ah, that felt so good.

Last of all, I have a secret. I really want to tell you... but I'm holding it in. I feel great though.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Ethan's dream come true

A friend of mine recently posted about her little boy's (same age as Ethan) experience at Target when he came across the vacuum aisle. He stared in disbelief and horror and kept pointing at all the vacuums. How cute. My post however is about Ethan staring in disbelief and pointing to his dream come true... BIG TRUCKS.
This kid is obsessed. I don't know if I mentioned this in a pervious post but he looks forward to the garbage truck each Tuesday and Friday, can hear it from a mile away, gets deer eyes and bolts for the window. His legs then shake with excitement as the truck passes and lifts dumpsters high into the air. The kind garbage man has talked to Ethan numerous times, waves and honks his horn as he passes.
Ethan's obsession is no secret, often he'll take trucks with him in his pockets when we go out. And if there is ever a truck toy in the sand at the park, no matter if it's occupied or not, Ethan goes straight for it. And so, when I heard about the Armed Forces Day set up this last weekend, I just knew I had to take Ethan.
We went on a Friday afternoon, so most people were still at work. It was perfect, I let Ethan dictate where he wanted to go, running from truck to truck.

 At our house Ethan is a giant... here he looks so small, awww.

Exploring the underbelly of the beast. Fearless.

Yeah, he's pretty much the coolest kid ever. Sitting in the pilot seat of a helicopter.

Look super closely at this one and see Ethan's face. "Whoa!" :)

This is my favorite one, artistically. Lighting is just right. And I love that the service man is showing Ethan all the knobs and buttons.

 Speaking of the service men, they were AWESOME. As soon as Ethan learned that you could ask to sit inside the trucks he ran from service man to service man saying "Please, ready, go!" They loved him.

Ethan cuddling with dad and still smiling after his dream date with Mom.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Lack of sleep, you can't shake me.

Last night. 8:30pm, the kids are in bed. I spend the evening putting books onto my kindle and watching Biggest Loser. 11:30pm I go to bed. My head is still playing mini scenarios and thinking about random things when I hear Ethan cry. We give him his usual bottle but it's not taking. He has a fever and I end up laying in his crib with him. (Plus side of being small and short I guess.) He's still not falling asleep and will not let go of his mama. We move to the twin bed that's in his room. Still not going to sleep and by now my body is aching for sleep and my patience has run thin. It's now 2:30am. Jon's turn. No luck and I lay in bed tossing and turning, listening to the crying on the other side of the wall. Ethan just wants his mom tonight. I get back into the twin bed with him and he lays close to me, occasionally reaching over and touching my arm to make sure I'm still there. So cute, yet soooo late. Last time I check my phone it's 5am and we're still not sleeping. Eventually he falls asleep on top of me. 7:15am, everyone's up. Ughhh. I stay in bed for a half an hour longer while Jon showers and the kids are occupied with their bottles. It's going to be a great day...

But you know what? It kind of has. I mean Corryn is in great spirits today, playing by herself and not making a peep. Ethan has spent most of the morning on the couch watching tv and refusing food. I've decided to not even do the dishes or shower today and have been sneaking a couple pages of my kindle in here and there.
But at least I'm not as tired today as I was this day. I'm glad my body has gotten used to little sleep. Oh, Ethan, you were so cute!! :) (And still are.)

Monday, May 02, 2011


I'm too lazy to type this time around but I'm past due for some posts. So here they are via pictures.