Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Corryn Smiling

Look at how chubby she's gotten!!! Sorry it's so low quality, it was taken with a cell phone.

Also, here's a picture from Halloween. Ethan was Micka-Mouse, Corryn was Minnie, and Jon and I were Black-Eye Peas. :)

Friday, November 19, 2010

Flashback to a week before Corryn was born

A week before Corryn came, Aunt Ranee was here and I also had a baby shower thrown for me by my most wonderful friends! Here are some pictures from that week.
We visited the fabric district in downtown, I could spend days there, seriously.

I started making aprons as thank you gifts for the wonderful ladies that were throwing my baby shower. I'm using my great grandmother's super old sewing machine. It doesn't have a foot petal, it's a thigh petal... I had never seen that before. I actually ended up piercing my finger completely through, had to remove the needle myself and later received a tetanus shot... yeah, I only got one apron done... after that I was scared to touch the machine. I'll open it back up one of these days...

The baby shower was great! The decorations (Shauna) were so cute. The food (Karalea) was AMAZING, as always. And the party went really well. In fact, Kristen's (the host) husband drew charactures  (sp?) of all in attendance, what an awesome idea!! Thank you everyone who came and also everyone who gave gifts.... I am STILL trying to write all the thank you notes... Corryn came a little sooner than expected and I've been trying to find time... soon, very soon.

Shauna, my dear friend, made all the decor. She also lent my her nice sewing machine after my traumatic experience with the cast iron beast.

Karalea, the master of all things crafty and yummy, devoted days to prepare us a wonderful lunch and treats. The party was 50's-ice cream inspired and homemade ice cream sandwiches were on the menu. YUM!

Kristen, the sweetest person you'll meet, who has three lively little ones, opened her home to a parade of women and threw a great shower. Her husband also gave up an entire Saturday to sit and sketch us, amongst a lot of really important and time consuming projects I know he was working on.

Aren't I so blessed?!?!?! :)

As of late

(This was written weeks ago... I'm just now getting back to it.)
It's been a couple weeks since the last post, what a crazy last couple of weeks. I'm sleep deprived to say the least but I've also had some really fun experiences recently. First of all my mom came to visit for 2 weeks (SO MUCH HELP) and we made a list of things we wanted to do while she was here. Most days we stayed home and she would take Ethan to the park and let me nap. Since we only have one car we would occasionally take Jon to work early in the morning so that we could have the car during the day. This would mean that Jon would be without his nap place during the day. That's right, Jon goes out to the car and naps during his breaks. You may think this is normal for a dad of a newborn, although he doesn't take care of Corryn at all during the night... but the truth is he's always napped during his breaks. Even on days that he gets a full 8 hours of sleep at night. We're just sleepy people I guess, we love our naps. Thanks Jon for be willing to not nap during your breaks so that my mom and I could use the car to get out of the house.

Some of the things we accomplished while she was here:
Dragonfly Thai- Get the mango and sticky rice, incredibly yummy. Seriously, so good.
Corryn's Blessing Dress- Someone gave us a super cute white dress but it was a 2T. So my mom took it in. (I'm still too scared to touch a sewing machine after piercing my finger. My nail is almost completely healed from that, by the way.)

Swimming at the Beach- I swam in the ocean for the first time since moving here! It was only my second time swimming in an ocean ever, first was at Daytona Beach on our honeymoon. I forgot just how incredibly salty it tastes. Almost revoltingly salty. The waves were pretty big and we had lots of fun jumping them.

Ethan's 1st haircut- We sat him in the kitchen sink and I just went at him with the scissors. It looks cute but I really do miss his long wispy hair... it will grow back.

We also made daily visits to Yogurtland.

My mom watched both kids and Jon and I were able to go on a date. We ate outdoors at the Cheesecake Factory, which is actually really cool. Heat lamps, inches away from the boats and Christmas lights... very romantic atmosphere.

After my mom left Aunt Ranee came for a week. :)
Ethan's trips to the park- Ranee loved taking Ethan to the park... Ethan loved to swing... for like hours. What a great Aunt to swing him for hours. :)


Disney!- Can you believe I braved Disneyland when Corryn was only about 3 weeks old? It was SUPER packed. In fact, during our whole day there we only rode 3 rides. This was Ethan's second time riding Pirates, last time he was 10 months old... he didn't like it all that much this time. Aunt Ranee got us year passes, so we're super excited for our future, hopefully less crowded, visits.

Birthdays- Jon's birthday was first, I got him a wetsuit off craigslist and we went to the beach to watch him boogy-board. For Ranee's birthday we got Yogurtland and had the best steak all of us had ever had at home, Alton Brown's recipe.

Alright, that's it for now. Next posts include Jon's parents come to visit and Corryn's blessing. :)