Thursday, September 05, 2013

I can't believe I live here!

Some of these pictures are from when the whole clan was here for the reunion, others are just around Jon's parent's house where we are staying. :)
 Picking snails off of the headstone in a historical graveyard. Did you know that the Halifax harbour was the first to respond to the Titanic's SOS call? In fact, the bodies of those whose families weren't wealthy enough to have them shipped home are buried in Halifax cemeteries.

 Ethan and his cousin Quin became instant buds.

 A rocking boat, so much cooler than a rocking horse. :)

 Jon's parent's house.
 Our beautiful Millet Lake.

 Our dog Brigham.

We almost stepped on this guy. :)

Living here is like a dream. I feel like a character in a book. The kids explore all day and sleep under the star filled skies at night (their beds are right under skylights). I'm anxious to get into our own place but enjoying the lazy days in the mean time. :)