Thursday, April 04, 2013

Spring has sprung and cute stories

I've been explaining to Ethan that when he wakes up from a bad dream he can say a prayer to help him feel safe. Last night he was telling me about a bad dream he had had where he was being chased by a big scary helicopter. He had to run into a tunnel and close the door to get safe. He said that Jesus Christ saved him from the helicopter and helped him find his mom and dad because he missed them. So cute.

Ethan's favorite toys are his three garbage trucks and occasionally (when I'm feeling very patient) I will let him play with some shredded paper as trash for his trucks. I say patient because this makes a HUGE mess that could only be cleaned up with the vacuum. Luckily, he enjoys vacuuming them up as well. Anyway, today he came up to me and asked if he could have some "garbage fingers"... shredded paper. Cute.

Ethan is deathly afraid of the car wash. Jon is determined to toughen him up and asks him every time we're out if he wants to go to the car wash. Ethan responds with a stern "NO!" and then goes on for about 20 minutes about how scary the car wash is and how we shouldn't go there. So cute.

Corryn couldn't find her beloved kitty kitty one night as the kids were going to bed. After searching every room in the house we gave up and said that we would look for it in the morning. In the morning Jon had Corryn say a prayer for help. Shortly after that I looked out the window and saw that kitty kitty was left outside by our garden. Now whenever she says prayer, even on the food, she includes "thank you help find my kitty." Yesterday's lunch prayer was "Thank you help find my kitty, thank you Swiper no swiping, name Jesus Christ, Amen."