Friday, April 15, 2011


Why won't my child eat anything? For the past couple weeks Ethan has refused to sit in his high chair. More than that he has refused to eat anything. Some days he will go until the evening without eating one bite of solid food. He drinks juice/water mix throughout the day and has a bottle of milk for nap time. HELP!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Stuff mixed with cuteness

On Monday Jon and I are going to Catalina Island for two nights. :) We plan on parasailing and scuba diving and renting a golf cart to explore the island. My mom got me the cutest bathing suit (why are they so dang expensive??) which I'm sure you will see in pictures to come. Am I worried about leaving the kids for 3 days? No. In fact, I'm sure they'll have more fun with Grandma then they have with just me this week. (Jon's out of town this whole week.) What I am worried about is if I'll let myself fully enjoy the trip. Because my days are full of stresses, I'm scared that I'll create stress out of thin air while on vacation just so that I have something to stress over.

Without further adieu, Ethan saying his abc's. Not even 2 yet, I'm so proud of him.

Jon's in Houston (I almost typed Huston, ha! That's my maiden name.) And all this week I ahve been taking advantage of having a car during the day. Ahhh... so nice. But at the same time I find it harder to do things around the house. Like, when am I supposed to take the trash out and check the mail and carry/do the laundry... and leave the kids alone in the house??

Corryn has started to get the concept of bouncing. I know, it's not the most interesting video, but she had to be in the post somehow.

My mom and Ron came down for conference weekend. It was filled with yummy food! I made Spanish Tortilla (like a giant potato omelet) for the second time ever and it turned out great.

Ethan has become such a little organizer. He'll often take things out of drawers, cupboards, and fridge and line them up biggest to smallest and then put them back.

Sporting Dad's volleyball stuff.