Sunday, October 30, 2011


This year we were the Apple Family. Jon- Steve Jobs, scary resemblance really. Tara- iPad. Ethan- iTouch. Corryn- Shuffle, complete with headphones. Yes, I made the costumes and yes, I drew everything. People wouldn't believe that I did not print these. Afterall, I did go to four years of university just for projects like this.... tee hee hee. :)

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Post #2... Jon's birthday

 Jon turned 28! He requested his mom's lumberjack cake, which was DELICIOUS!
That night we went to Jon's favorite restaurant (they serve Canadian food) and was surprised with a big plate of poutine with a candle in it. (I called in before hand, sneaky sneaky me.)
 On Saturday night we took a Mommy/Daddy date to Disneyland. It was the last time we could use our annual passes. Sad.
 Jon's birthday was a blast... can't wait for another birthday celebration!

Tuesdays and Fridays are special days

 It's garbage truck day!! Over our year of living in this apartment we've come to know our garbage man, Juan. Ethan watches him from the window right above the alley and Juan honks and waves to him every time.
 Every once in a while (if I'm dressed) we'll run down and stand in the alley for a better view. The last couple of times Juan has stopped the truck and let Ethan sit in the seat. We brought him a big slice of Jon's birthday cake as a thank-you. Juan rocks!
 Ethan was in heaven, he still talks about it everyday.
 We love garbage trucks!!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Our visit to Boise

Sorry this post isn't very witty or funny, I'm just trying to spit it out fast. We've been sick lately. ;( Bleh.
The flights there and back were.... torturous. But I don't want to blog about that. I want to blog about what great adventures we had in my home town.
 We visited my Grandma Sharon (my mom's mom) TWICE. She gave us suckers and played us songs on my great grandma's piano. We sure do love Gma Sharon.

 We also went to the park a couple of times. What?!?! Ethan's old enough to climb on scary things all by himself??!?! Ah, where did my baby go?

 We also strolled the Women's Fitness Celebration with my mom and cousin Amanda and her baby girl (4 days older than Corryn) Charlotte.
 There was a lot of playing in our backyard, eating popsicles and flirting with the sprinkler. Ethan kept trying to blow it out like it was a candle or something.

 When we weren't out and about, we were hanging out around the house.

So this is post 1 of 3. Next is Corryn and Charlotte's birthday party and then all the fun we had at my Dad's.

Thursday, October 06, 2011

My pretty pretty princess is ONE!

Since she was born I've whispered "pretty pretty princess" in her ears daily, and it's worked... First of all, is she ever pretty. I get comments daily from strangers. Second, is she ever a princess. She's fierce, demanding, and always cute. I can't believe she's one. Let's start at the beginning:
She came four weeks early. Just like Ethan, I awoke in the middle of the night to my water breaking but no pain. Steadily the pain came and after ONE PUSH she was out!
She was tiny, her face was perfect (some babies can look pretty weird in the first weeks, but not Corryn) and her hair had highlights. She was an AWESOME eater, but very sleepy. The weather was HOT and with no AC she slept a lot. Two days after coming home from the hosp we went right back and stayed a couple days for jaundice treatment.
From then on she's been a perfectly healthy little girl. Six months she stopped nursing, 9 months she started crawling, and 11 months she was walking. She's still small, which I'm perfectly fine with, it just makes her that much cuter. At one year she can say Mama, Dada, ball, ba ba (bottle), baaaa ba (baaath time), nigh nigh (goodnight), and boo (moon). STILL NO TEETH, can you believe it?
Happy Birthday Corryn Rachel Evans! (On Sep 25th)