Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I just had to.

Here are some great little things from the past week.
 Ethan loves to help mom. Whether it's doing laundry or cooking, he's a great listener and very careful, such a big boy!
 Wearing Mom's new boots

 Aunt Ranee sent us balloons in a box. From Seattle to LA. The kids LOVED it.
 And the box they came in. :)
Our book club tonight was vintage themed so I couldn't pass up the opportunity to wear my late great grandmother's coat.

Monday, February 20, 2012

The post before the cruise

That's right, Jon and I are going on a cruise! 7 full nights of sleep and 7 days of fun, fun, FUN! We're excited. But first, here's what we've been up to since Christmas.
Doesn't she look like a big girl here? Where did my baby go?
Nay took us to a children's museum, this was the super cool entrance.

Using a flashlight to peek at the big spiders... eeww.

Ethan (a very shy boy) was apprehensive to participate in the drum class... but after a while he inched closer to the front, eventually took a drum and was banging away. I was so proud of him. He's been drumming on various objects throughout the house since "pepperoni pizza".
When we walk to the park the umbrella stroller is our top choice. Ethan can push her the entire way there, around corners and everything. He's always willing to help out.
We got Corryn a pair of flip flops, this is how they usually look on her feet after about 2 minutes... and she doesn't care one bit.
Look at those teeth!!!

Yup, Corryn got in the bath before we were able to get her clothes off.
Ethan has become quite the little artist, producing at least a couple drawings or paintings a day. Just the other day her figured out how to draw an oval and he was SO proud of himself, drawing them all over the paper.
I made this wall collage for a friend's baby shower I threw. Pictures don't do it justice, it was pretty darn cool.