Monday, June 25, 2012

I'm blogging in the middle of the day, while my children are awake. This is a big indication that I'm having an off day. I woke up this morning slightly grumpy (that's usual, I'm not a morning person) but then it all got worse when I weighed myself. Uggh. After abstaining from dairy, dessert, and most wheats for 3 days I had gained 3 pounds and had a horrible night of stomach cramps and trips to the bathroom. Okay, so that's not working. Jon said what was in my head, "Looks like dieting is not for you. If you want to lose weight, it's going to have to be through exercise." Big frown face. I hate exercise. I hate feeling my heart pound in my chest and feeling like I'm going to throw up when I run.

Not to mention, we are STILL waiting to here whether or not we are moving to UT. I know it's the final countdown until we finally know but I'm losing my patience...

And so today is an off day. But you wouldn't really be able to tell unless I told you so. I still showered, got dressed, got my children dressed and fed them breakfast and lunch. I put some laundry away and shampooed my couches. After nap time, I'll probably take my kids to the park and chase them down the slide and push them on the swing. I'll even make dinner, do a load of dishes, and bathe and cuddle with my babies. But under it all my heart is heavy. Oi.

I weigh 150lbs.... that's actually pretty good. Considering that I was 135 when I got married, I've only gained 15lbs from two close together pregnancies and 4 years of marriage.
Jon's ready to move on from his current position, it's too stressful and not where he wants to be in his career. So even if UT falls through, we're going to move somewhere soon... hopefully.
My children are okay with staying home all morning. They're content to watch Toy Story multiple times so that I can try to distract myself with housework and blogging on days like this.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Dearest Children


Dearest Children,

Here's what you love as of late:
The game where Dad or I pretend we're asleep and you kiss our cheek to wake us up.
The "I'm gonna get you" game where we chase each other around the house.
To go around the table during meals, taking turns making funny faces.
To climb onto Mom and Dad's bed and strip off the pillows and blankets and jump.
To watch movies with pillows and blankets on the floor and cups full of popcorn and marshmallows.
To walk to the park, go to the beach, and play with friends.
To video chat with grandparents.
To dip your food in ketchup or ranch.
To sing songs. (Notice the rendition of I Love to See the Temple below)

You like to have me lay with you in bed and tell you a story. It's always the same story about how you help Juan, our garbage man, collect all the garbage from all the dumpsters and drive the garbage truck to a landfill. Afterwards to go out to ice cream with Juan.
You like to go to ward choir with me every Sunday morning. You still quietly playing with a toy and don't sing but then on the way home you sing all the songs you just heard, including the warm ups.
You're still very obsessed with your garbage truck toys and often ask me to fix or adjust them.
You recently started showing interest in your toy computer, quickly mastering the "find this number/letter" games, you're so smart!
You have a love hate relationship with the carwash, always asking to go to it but then chickening out when we do.
You know where the bananas, eggs, and milk are located in the store.
Every once in a while you will give an unanticipated hug or kiss and it makes my day.

You're words are many but difficult to understand. You try so hard to say what your brother is saying.
You love to choose your clothes everyday.
You love to play with your babies, laying them down on a blanket spread out on the floor. You will go around smoothing out the blanket until it's perfect.
You're very physically confident, already climbing up ladders and swinging on the big girl swing at the playground.
You can do the splits and jump super high, you're going to be a great gymnast.
You love to have books read to you.
You love to call Nana, Tausha, and Nay... asking several times a day.
You're a great sharer, always willing to give someone you food or toys.


Thursday, June 21, 2012

New Diggs

Like the makeover? I'm head over heals for the grey/mustard yellow fad. I've always loved ugly colors like mustard yellow. You think puke green will make an appearance? That's my all time fav color.

Speaking of new diggs, we're still waiting to hear about our possible move to Utah. I'm excited to move into a larger/nicer place for less money... I've been searching the ads daily and making a ever updated short list. Patience....

And just because every post needs a couple cute pics of the kids, here's Corryn.