Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Cell phone pictures

 I made the kids' Halloween costumes this year. Ethan's took HOURS but turned out just awesome! I made them super durable so he could wear it everyday around the house.

 These are both the same view from my bedroom window only 3 days apart. The weather sure changed fast here.

 The kids and I built our first snowman. I also finished re-finishing the frame I was given a long time ago. It now surrounds our favorite picture of Christ, beefing it up so it doesn't look so small above our fireplace.
On Veteran's Day I made jagerschnitzel,  the only German dish I know how to make. We were stationed in Germany when I was little and my dad was in the military.

This was taken just minutes after my kids got up one morning. Ethan is glued to his Buzz Lightyear toy and Corryn has found my high heels and is pushing a stroller full of random animals around the house.
Just yesterday there were 6 deer that passed thru our yard. We love living here!!!