Saturday, March 24, 2012

Potty Training is EASY!

Well, not THAT easy... but Ethan has been such a great sport! It only took me a week and he's already diaper free all day. I have to also say, he looks so cute in his undies.

He also went #2 today in his little toilet. He's always been very independent and so the technique that has worked best for him is to take him to the bathroom and then close the door and say "Okay, tell me when you're done." He pulls down his own pants and sits himself down. So, because it was a funny choice, he was given a chocolate pudding cup as a reward for going #2. :)

One of my close friends had her baby the other day, so while she was laboring away on child #2, we played with child #1! Eliza a sweetheart and a GREAT big sister. 

Sunday, March 11, 2012

South of the border

Our favorite spot on the boat was the sun decks/pools in the back. The boat was completely booked, 2700 people... but honestly it didn't feel like that many people. We were constantly running into people we had met at dinner and faces started looking familiar after a day or two. There were maybe 50 kids total on the boat, I wouldn't be surprised if someone told me that 70% of the passengers were over 50 years old. That may not appeal to some people but it was perfect for us old fogies at heart.
 First port was Puerto Villarta, our view from the ship consisted of a Walmart and Sams Club... needless to say we weren't necessarily looking forward to going into town. Luckily our entire day was filled up with zip lining, hiking, repelling, mule riding, and tequila tasting (not). The excursion was AWESOME, but on the way back the driver decided to pull over to a tequila distillery and let us tourists take a tour. The strong smell of fermentation made me nauseous.

 Second port was Cabo San Lucas. We spent our time there snorkeling and whale watching.

 Most of the whale we saw were humpback but this is a picture of a gray whale, it was almost white colored and super huge. With one swoosh of it's tail it was gone, long gone, it was SO FAST!
Our time little bit of time at port we spent exploring the beach.

Overall here is my review of the cruise: AWESOME. Food: great. Bed: hard as a rock. Next time we'll bring friends/family and maybe the kids. Also, I highly recommend getting a balcony room, it was hard not having natural light in out little cave.

Seven days without the kids was bittersweet. I'm glad to be home though. :) :)